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WKND Skateboards - Babes - Laney - 8.5"


Product Description

WKND Skateboards - Babes - Laney - 8.5"

The Company:
After leaving his home on Stereo Skateboards recently - Raymond Molinar (with help from friend Grant Yansura - from filming fame) have mustered up WKND Skateboards.

To give you a brief idea on where the ethos of this WKND crew lies, Raymnods in his own words say's " It's a group of friends doing what they want. all about having a good time skating. Everything is agreed on by everyone that is on the team from graphics to beer choice for the night.The name comes from Grant's segments he films called "Weekendtage." He felt there was a connection already established that kids knew. As of now it's Alex Schmidt, Johan Stuckey, Christian Maalouf, Taylor "big dahg" Caruso and myself"

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