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Voltage Shock Complete Skateboard - handplant


Product Description

Voltage Shock Complete Skateboard -handplant

The Skateboard:
The voltage Shock completes are the perfect first skateboard for any novice or young person. With a slightly shorter Chinese maple deck
at 29" this makes it a more manageable size for a person of lighter weight. A size range of between 15kg's - 45kg's is recommended for this product.
The wheels are a softer urethane composite meaning a smoother ride and more traction and the Trucks are forged so will handle anything you can throw at them. These really are a great starting point for anyone willing to try their hand at skateboarding.

- SIZE: 29" x 7.5"
- DECK: Chinese Maple
- TRUCK: Heavy duty truck with raw finish, 95A SHR Cushion
- WHEEL: 50 x 30mm 92A SHR Cushion

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