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Thrasher Magazine - May 2016 - Issue 430


Product Description

Thrasher Magazine - May 2016 - Issue 430

In this issue:

Jerry Hsu returns to the cover of the mag with a tech-gnar masterpiece–nollie backside 180 to fakie 5-0. May 2016 gives you ‘The Interview Issue’ of Thrasher Magazine with Jerry Hsu, Neil Blender, Daryl Angel, Riley Hawk, Alex Olson and Rodrigo TX.

Issue 430 Of Thrasher Magazine features:

Issue #430 - May 2016
The Interview Issue
Jerry Hsu
Neil Blender
Daryl Angel
Riley Hawk
Alex Olson
Rodrigo TX

The Company:
Thrasher is a monthly skateboarding magazine, founded in 1981 by Kevin Thatcher, Eric Swenson, and Fausto Vitello, published by the San Francisco, United States-based company, High Speed Productions. The publication consists of articles, skateboard photography, interviews with professional skateboarders, music journalism (primarily reviews and interviews), skatepark reviews, and miscellaneous oddities. The magazine also maintains a website that consists of numerous features, including segments, such as "Firing Line" and "Hall of Meat", a store, a video collection, and a forum for registered users. In 1999, the magazine sponsored a PlayStation game called Thrasher: Skate and Destroy. Since January 2006, a bimonthly French language edition has been produced for francophone Europe.

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