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This Ain't California DVD


Product Description

This Ain't California DVD

THIS AIN'T CALIFORNIA is a documentary-tale about life in the German Democratic Republic as it has never been seen, into the world of skateboarding in communist East Berlin in the mid-80's. It explores the love for the sport on the crumbling tarmac streets of the GDR, at the height of the Stasi's efforts to crush any form of rebellion. It is a story of the subversive power of fun, creativity and rebellion in a place that had lost touch with its citizens. It follows the rise of skateboarding, hip-hop and breakdancing through the 80's, ending in 1989, when the wall fell, and lives changed forever.

This Ain't California raises the aesthetic bar, mixing original clips of the East Berlin skateboarding scene with animations and reencounters with the protagonists today. The film has picked up multiple awards including the award for Dialogue en Perspective at Berlin Film Festival and Best Documentary at Cannes.

‘A vivid immersion in the hidden skateboarding culture of the former east Germany… about a time when a board and four wheels made anything seem possible’ NY Times

‘This Ain't California reveals that the GDR wasn’t all grey boredom.’ The Huffington post

‘Persiel's film is like nothing I’ve seen in recent years’ Filmmaker Magazine

This Ain't California will be available on DVD from February 10th 2014.

* - English subtitles

This Ain't California Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wtyp433Nioo

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