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The Skateboard Mag - May 2013 - Issue 110


Product Description

The Skateboard Mag - May 2013 - Issue 110

This Issue:
#110 is the Year’s Best Issue of The Skateboard Mag, and the winner of our Year’s Best Am award, Mark Suciu, is almost ripping the cover in half with his Hopkins grind. You can find out what the hell a Hopkins grind is and more in Suciu’s YBAm feature interview. Also in there you’ll find interviews and street chomping with our other three Year’s Best Am nominees: Jon Dickson, Evan Smith, and Julian Davidson. There’s a sweet interview with The Skateboard Mag‘s first ever YBAm, Johnny Layton, Jason Jessee is risen and has a Year’s Best Reemergence interview, plus you can see who we gave a bunch of skateboarding’s Year’s Best Stuff nods to. Oh, man, you can’t forget Powell-Perlata’s EUROad Trip Trippin’ feature and video … live right now on theskateboardmag.com. So much more, too. Sneak a peek at these Year’s Best Issue openers and then cruise down to Parlour Skate Store and pick up your very own copy of #110—on sale right frickin’ now!

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