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Stereo - Vinyl Cruiser - Black/Green/gow in the dark - Complete


Product Description

Stereo - Vinyl Cruiser - Black/Green/gow in the dark - Complete

The Cruiser:
The special "Glow In The Dark" series (glow in the dark wheels)
Stereo skateboards have been producing some of the highest quality skateboards for over a decade now, the brand wanted to introduce a more convenient method of transport to the range, so the Stereo Vinyl Cruiser was bron, inspired by the Banana Boards Jason and Chris started riding in the late 70’s. Whether it’s cruising to a skate spot, bombing a hill, getting around town, skating to a bar or riding your way around campus in-between classes, Stereo’s Vinyl Series Skateboard comes complete and ready to roll. Like the Vinyl Cruiser, every Stereo project or product remains timeless, classic and original.
These cruisers are the logical choose for London as their vinyl construction means the deck is not susceptible to the water damage as traditional ply wood.

*59mm 78a duro wheels - glow in the dark.
* 7.3" Vinyl Deck
* forged trucks
* abec 7 bearings
* limited edition Stereo sunglasses
* Stereo Sticker pack

The Company:
Stereo skateboards was founded in 1992 by old friends Chris Patras and Jason Lee. The missed what creatively drove them in the skateboarding world. The Stereo brand turned the skate world upside down with timeless, classic and original influences. Chris and Jason released two skateboard films in the 90’s: A Visual Sound (’94) and Tincan Folklore (’96). Going against the grain with the use of 8mm film, black and white still photography and avant-garde music, the two films are now considered classics within the skateboard community. At the same time, the retro-modern skate graphics, inspired by American jazz and blues music, were miles away from the cartoony, blood and guts filled designs that were dominating skateboarding in the early 90’s. In the early 2000’s Stereo was defunct for a couple of years, but Chris and Jason revived the company in 2003. Nowadays, with nearly two decades of heritage, Stereo continues to be an influential skateboard brand.

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