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Static III Dvd


Product Description

Static III Dvd

As skateboarding is swallowed alive by pop-culture exploitation, the heart of real street skating is driven further and further underground. And as trends and corporate take-overs stifle the imagination of popular skateboarding, static steps up to provide a voice to the scenes and skaters who strive to keep street-skating in the cities and streets where it belongs.

A fully independent video series, Static was started in 1999 in the hipes of providing a much needed outlet for creative and underground skateboarding, now, almost 9 years later, we bring you static iii - a vieo featuring talent from Northern California, London, New Jersey, Florida, Paris, Houston and Boston whose styles nd personalities demonstrate the vital factors missing in modern skateboarding. So, sit back and enjoy the product of two long years of hardwork. Insane travels and lots
of heart.

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