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Stance - Skate Legends - Grosso


Product Description

Stance - Skate Legends - Grosso

Jeff Grosso’s life is, in part, a long love letter to skating—and one that is still being written. After all, his web series Love Letters to Skateboarding documents skate culture while inevitably revealing his passion for it. By the late eighties, Grosso helped headline legendary skate films like Future Primitive and Streets on Fire. And then, the same commitment to charging hard that propelled him into the spotlight removed him from it. Yet through the years, he has remerged as skating’s elder statesman. Rather than providing polished sound bites, he speaks with honesty and wisdom—things inevitably honed through his experience and struggles. As part of the Vans Legends Collection by Stance, The Jeff Grosso pays tribute to a man who continues to make skating better—while also keeping it honest.

Pairing timeless skate graphics and the legends that made them famous, these five pairs of socks are an essential part of skateboard history. The five professional skateboarders that are featured in this collection, need not be introduced, instead acclaimed; Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Jeff Grosso, Ray Barbee, and John Cardiel. These legends encompass skateboard history, style, and embody skateboard culture that is ever evolving. Slip on a piece of history with the Skate Legends Collection by Stance.

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