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Skateboard Cafe - NEON Black - 8.4"


Product Description

Skateboard Cafe - NEON Black - 8.4"

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The Company:
Bristol based Skateboard Cafe have served up yet another smorgasbord of mega-morsel products this holiday season.
With a skate team that bolsters the likes of: Korahn Gayle, Shaun Currie, Josh Arnott and Harry Ogilvie, Skateboard Cafe look set to continue serving up quality skateboards and apparel for time to come.

Introducing their new "Neon" Series of soft & hardgoods, their virgin collaboration with passionforbaking featuring some works from Manuela Kjeilen, who in Skateboard Cafe's own words is; "is a super rad Norwegian baker and author of 5 baking books, and a further 2 more this Holiday" this is possibly the first collaboration in the skateboard world sourcing the baking section - nice touch.

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