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Send X Help - Fist Deck - 8.2' & 8.5'


Product Description

Send X Help - Fist Deck - 8.2' & 8.5'

Send Help Skateboards was formally known as the High5 but due to some unspeakable impending legal troubles the name had to be changed a few years back. It comes straight out of the Midwest of America from the brain of Todd Bratrud. You may recognise Todd's work from the countless Nike Shoes and collabs he has done with everyone including Creature, Flip, OJ Wheels and Chocolate to name a few.

The team is consists of Steve Nesser, Randy Ploesser, Marty Murawski, Preston Harper, Horsey, Tabari Cook, Brian Heck, Steve Fauser, Ryan Sublette, Evan Okeson and Justin Modica. Nearly everyone left their previous respected board sponsors to become part of Send Help out of love for Todd and what he had going on.

Please note!!! all decks purchased online come with FREE grip, if you do not want us to apply the grip for you before shipping please advise us of this at time of purchase.

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