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SCRT - House On A Hill Hoodie - White

Regular Price: £54.95

Special Price: £38.50

Product Description

SCRT - House On A Hill Hoodie - White

Halftoned Louis screenprint on black cotton hoodie. Labelled at the neck.

I wasn't quite sure what I'd just seen, but I knew it was time for me to leave.

You need this

We have recently changed the fit of ours hoods and now fit TTS



The brand:
Hailing from London, SCRT elegantly tiptoe a tightrope balanced between two opposing points, on one side their clean/sleek design lead to easily wearable and functional items with faint but well thought-out differences in quality and cuts and on the other side, they keep it subtly comical by using humorous twists added to their featured artist's illustrations, just look at the SCRT Drake T-Shirt in pink as an example of the aforementioned.

Originally specialising in limited edition tee's SCRT CO now offer an eclectic range of cut & sew shirts, bags, hats and jackets all available now at Parlour Skate Store.

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