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Satta - Palm Jazz Hand-Crafted Cruiser Deck - 6.5'


Product Description

Satta - Palm Jazz Hand-Crafted Cruiser Deck - 6.5'

SIZE: 6.5" X 26"

Peace be the journey.

The Company:
Satta | Sanskrit - Existence / Being / Spirit

Very rarely does a 'cuiser company' enter skateboarding with such respect and revere from skateboarders alike, South London's infamous 'Brixton Beach' may be an assuming 'natural' birth place for a brand Inspired by the rawness and simplicity of 60's skateboarding - a time when surfing made its transition onto land.

With a focus on small-scale production all their products are made in limited numbers using sustainable fibres such as organic cotton, Satta clothing echoes a down to earth feel, made for living in. Mellow palette's offer the wearer rustic options for the warmer months.

Satta embodies that of connectedness, global mutuality and deep rooted belongings and this is highly visible in their products.

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