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Sabotage 3 - Philly scene DVD


Product Description

Sabotage 3 - Philly scene DVD

Parlour Skate Store have a very limited amount of these Dvd's available so get in quick as they won't last.

Starring: Ishod Wair, Mark Suciu, John Hadley, Kevin Leidtke, Tore Bevivino & Dylan Sourbeer.

I could write this review in one sentence, and have it read “I let out too many ‘Hell yeahs’ and ‘WHAT THE F@#KS?!’ to count.” That would accurately describe mine and many others’ Sabotage 3 viewing experience. But these guys deserve much more than just one, incredibly accurate sentence.

In a time where almost every skate video is trapped in this HD, indie song mold, Sabotage 3 was a breath of fresh air. Well, as fresh as a breath in Philly would be, that is…

Sabotage 3 brought the dirtiness back to skateboarding. HD beautified it, but they’re keeping it gritty, and how many think it “should be,” by only using VX footage, with a few 8mm clips tossed in every here and there.

I could sit here forever and rant about Sabotage 3, but the list of names in this video speaks for itself.

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