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Roger - Nate Lacoste Boat Deck - 8.5"


Product Description

Roger - Nate Lacoste Boat Deck - 8.5"

The Company:
Weep and Destroy

Stacy Lowery and Michael Sieben own this company. Cross your fingers.

Roger Riders:
Nate Broussard, Cesar Fernandez, Nate LaCoste, Brandon Ziskind

Roger Flow Bros:
Ryan Holloway, Bill Pierce, Johan Stuckey, Max Taylor, Tim and Eric

We are a skateboard company primarily concerned with high-tech innovations to the manufacturing of skateboards. We'd like to see a skateboard with maybe like... 2 skateboards in it somehow. So you can ollie twice as far.

Please note!!! all decks purchased online come with FREE grip, if you do not want us to apply the grip for you before shipping please advise us of this at time of purchase.

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