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Rip N Dip - Lord Nermal - Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Black


Product Description

Rip N Dip - Lord Nermal - Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Black
Fresh from the Rip N Dip Holiday 14 range.

The T-Shirt:
* Cut and Sewn tee shirt made in the USA
* RIPNDIP print on the right sleeve
* 100% Cotton

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The Company:
"Skater owned" is a term that gets throwin' around a lot now days, so much so that the term is so diluted by non-legitimate claims that even the term "Skater Owned" has lost it's essence - Rip N Dip have helped to hold true to the claim and this shown in their products.
Started in 09 by Ryan O’Connor, Rip N Dip is pushing through a market plagued by repetition and big budget "HYPE" campaigns. It was quickly apparent that their soul purpose is to "make cool stuff for you and your friends"

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