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Rip N Dip - Lord Nermal Deck - Gold - 8.25"


Product Description

Rip N Dip - Lord Nermal Deck - Gold - 8.25"

Hot, hot, hot...full graphic Lord Nermal screened deck from Rip N Dip, we want to keep this for ourselves. Includes tour book (what) AND sticker.

Even the screened top sheet mono graphic of the praying hands and Nermal are gonna make you want to hang it on the wall.

However if you will skate it, it comes in high quality 7 ply maple pressed in the USA. Feels great from the moment you pick it up.

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The Company:
"Skater owned" is a term that gets throwin' around a lot now days, so much so that the term is so diluted by non-legitimate claims that even the term "Skater Owned" has lost it's essence - Rip N Dip have helped to hold true to the claim and this shown in their products. Started in 09 by Ryan O’Connor, Rip N Dip is pushing through a market plagued by repetition and big budget "HYPE" campaigns. It was quickly apparent that their soul purpose is to "make cool stuff for you and your friends"

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