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Quasi Skateboards - Low Beanie - Navy

Regular Price: £24.95

Special Price: £17.50

Product Description

Quasi Skateboards - Low Beanie - Navy

The Beanie:
• 100% wool
• Tonal Quasi embroidery
• Classic fold beanie

The Company:
bout 3 months ago we got a cease and desist letter from another company claiming they owned the name Mother, and I was kinda like whatever, fuck it. Then I got another one and had to get a lawyer, spend a fuck-ton of money, and try and figure out how to fight it or what to do with it.

At the end it was best to change the name and move as far away from it as possible. I talked with the entire team about names and told them what happened, and after talking to everyone it was just like, fuck it man, if we’re into it lets just change it. We ended up changing it to Quasi.

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