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Pyramid Country - Moonlight T-Shirt - Black


Product Description

Pyramid Country - Moonlight T-Shirt - Black

* 100% cotton t-shirt in black
* Todd bratrud designed glow in the dark screenprinted graphic on front.

The company:

Mid west American skateboarders, Filmer's and reprobates.
They've shared their strange world in small doses but a full length is on it's way. Pulling in all the way from outer space Pyramid Country have previously graced the pages of Thrasher Magazine with their prior productions like; Couchlock Odyssey, Phoenix Nights, "Who is the observer"?, .

They haven't given away to much for their newest morsel but 'Exeter' looks like a steady mix of quirky hammers, power lines and them type of middle usa ditches that make you wanna relocate.

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