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Poetic Collective - Light Deck - 8.125"


Product Description

Poetic Collective - Light Deck - 8.125"

Light Composition

Photograph by Sarah Meurle
Personally I find this photograph interesting because I cannot explain it; what it shows or what it was meant to show. Even though I pressed the trigger I do not know what I was pointing the camera at or where I was.
It’s nothing, but at the same time it shows an extremely complex picture. Not a person, not an object, not an imaging of nature, no emotions. Empty, but full of light, colour and shadows.
- Sarah

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The Company:
A new brand to Parlour Skate Store (& the UK) Malmö's Poetic Collective, With a full range of collaborative decks, cut & sew apparel with added accessories too, in their words "It's A skateboard brand that draws inspiration from outside of skateboarding" in our words, a uniquely themed and executed brand fusing clean Swedish design, eye for detail and a progressive take on skateboarding.

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