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Pizza - Pizla Deck - 8.25"


Product Description

Pizza - Pizla Deck - 8.25"

American made Pizza Skateboards is now served at Parlour Skate Store in London, it's well tasty!!!! mid last year there crew dropped a short Pizza video 'Left Overs' via Thrasher mag (that short video quickly cemented their team Mike Nero, Cody Hewitt, Will Grayson, Chuck Donnatin and Jesse Vieira)

Pizza goods for Spring 2016. This hot, out the oven collection features a whole range of new board graphics, apparel and accessories.

Some of the new pieces include graphical inspiration taken from some very well known paper, sports and review companies. Pizza is probably best known for their very simple but highly effective 'Slice Of Pizza Emoji' graphic which can be found on deck graphics, embroidered on caps, tees, polos, hoods, coaches and more... We hope you are as stoked as we are on Pizza because lets face it, nobody dislikes pizza. Most really enjoy it. Some are even obsessed with it.

Made from the highest quality ingredients, they're hot and ready for you to grab a slice!

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