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Palace - Chewy - 52mm - White


Product Description

Palace - Chewy - 52mm - White

The wheels:
* Set of 4 wheels
* 99a duro

The Brand:
"That gully brand" A common response uttered from many mans mouths when asked if they are familiar with the brand.
London formed in 2008, Palace is widely known to dominate the skateboard industry mainly due to being 'actually' run by skateboarders and
further more pandering to the needs of Skateboarders globally by bringing the golden era aesthetics and most importantly - mentality.

Obviously it's not a competition but they did receive the 'Brand Of The Year' award in 2012 as well as numerous collaborations with large scale brands
that are usually considered to be outside of peripherals of skateboarding with great success.

Currently, you would be hard pressed to name many brands that have harnessed the contemporary vision of skateboarding as well as Palace and with the direction of Lev Tanju and the sterling list of reputable riders we look forward to seeing what the future for this brand holds.

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