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OJ Wheels - Oj 2 Elite Combo - 95a - 65mm - White


Product Description

OJ Wheels - Oj 2 Elite Combo - 95a - 65mm - White

The wheel:
In celebration of Santa Cruz' 40th anniversary, we are re-introducing the 'Speed Wheels Santa Cruz' family of wheels from the 80's.

An old school classic. 95a. Tried and true formula.

95a means they're fast and great for parks but will still roll over rough streets and cracks a bit smoother than a real hard street wheel would. Killer slide.

All in the original wheel shapes and 'Elite Urethane' 95a wheel formula made at the original 80's manufacturer.
Production on all Speed Wheels are limited because the guys making them now are... well... Really Old Dudes.

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