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Lakai - Indio - Black Canvas

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Product Description

Lakai - Indio - Black Canvas

The Shoe:
This is a must have for any of the over 30's breakfast crew who need a lil more support but still stay true to the oldschool era.
A canvas and synthetic leather hi top upper on vulcanized outsole, subtle cover stitch flare on sides, logo embroidery on hell moustache with synthetic leather detail accent below.

The Company:
In 1993, Mike Carroll and Rick Howard thought they might have a better formula for a skateboard company--- one that made products the team would be proud of and kept an atmosphere that was supportive and motivating. While it was a risk, they felt like they owed it to skateboarding and skateboarders to take that risk.

In 1999, facing a similar situation in respect to footwear, Mike and Rick introduced Lakai Limited Footwear with the same dedication and pride they have always invested into their skateboarding and the Girl/Chocolate brands. Simply stated, they are “The Shoes We Skate”.
The Shoes We Skate
General Information
Lakai is represented worldwide by Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Marc Johnson, Guy Mariano, Brandon Biebel, Vincent Alvarez, Raven Tershy, Daniel Espinoza, Riley Hawk, Stevie Perez, Sebo Walker, Rob Welsh, Danny Brady, Nick Jensen, JB Gillet and Jesus Fernandez.

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