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HUF - Crooked H Satin Jacket - Black

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Product Description

HUF - Crooked H Satin Jacket - Black
From the HUF Spring Summer 15 range of cut and sew apparel.

The Jacket:
* Superior HUF quality.

HUF 2015 Spring release:
HUF's Summer collections have become a calander highlight in recent years as the brand have worked to create the perfect wardrobe for the Summer months, bringing a little of the California sunshine to our shores with a focus on short-sleeved shirts, jerseys and shorts with a number of recurring themes.

The patterned short-sleeved shirts proved very popular last summer season and in many ways the short sleeve is over-taking the long sleeve option, particularly for the high summer months. Summer 15 includes the Drink Up Short Sleeve Woven Shirt alongside staples like the HUF Script Denim Button Up Long Sleeve Shirt presents something a little different, but we expect this to be a popular pick this season.

The cut & sew offering is finished with a selection of jerseys (basketball, baseball and soccer in black and white) including the Script and Classic H logos on tees, hoods and caps.

Our picks of this seasons headwear cover basic logo options like the Classic H logo caps which have been featured in most of HUF'S skateboard clips also the Tonal Script and Box Logo snapbacks have been making some appearance so should prove strong.

This season also includes an extended range of 6 panel caps (Short Stop, Unmarked, Seersucker and Classic H) which are becoming more and more popular.

All design aside, Huf's continued creative output within skateboarding is cementing the brands position as a leader in the skateboard apparel game.

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The Company:
Keith Hufnagel has been so prevalent in the world of skateboarding, from his career on the skateboard to now running the HUF company off his skateboard there is no-more deserving than him. Originating from NYC he has always been notoriously, fast, furious and proper.

In 2002, Keith opened a small shop in San Fransico's Tenderloin Block. He named it HUF, this shop quickly became the Bay Area's go-to-shop, with this success, Keith seen the potential to grow the shop into a brand and progress what he thought in skateboarding at the time. Ethos is at the forefront of HUF'S direction with the idea of a Skateboaders "lifestyle" very precious to the brand and lends itself to other subcultures which skateboarding at times borrows from e.g; music, photography and artist, He attempts to express the very essence of these through the concentrated collection that is HUF.
their powerhouse team that is the HUF team - including:
Keith Hufnagel
Josh Mathews
Kevin Terpening
Brad Cromer
Dan Plunkett
joey Pepper
Peter Ramondetta
austyn Gillette
Dylan Rieder

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