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Helas - Umbrella T-Shirt - Green / Red Waterprinted Back Logo


Product Description

Helas - Umbrella T-Shirt - Green / Red Waterprinted Back Logo

Hélas Summer 15 range brings sun emblems, light fabrics and classic fits all wrapped in warm colours.

The T-Shirt:
* 100% premium cotton t-shirt.
* Screen-printed Umbrella logo on front.
* Large Screen-printed Umbrella logo on back.
* Superior Helas quality.

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The Company:
Helas is apparel company that was formed in 2011 by three skateboarders whose background span the face of the earth, Lucas Puig, Clem Brunel and Steph Khou. Lucas's obvious abilities and reputation on a skateboard have been visible within skateboarding for atleast the last 15 years, Clem's man-about-town status helps drive presence and Steph's multi-national contacts and dwellings have lead this 'skater-owned' outfit quickly become a globally recognised skate brand for skateboarders.

With a clean take on skate life, Helas holds great bride in creating pieces that sit within the skateboard lifestyle and reflect the nonchalantness that skateboarders inherently adhere too.

The Helas team is a world takeover a-grade bossman list:
Lucas Puig,Jesus FernandezJB Gillet,Flo Mirtain,JJ Rousseau, Seb Housset,William Monerris,Luypa Sin,Max Frion,Dany Hamard,Benoit Stevenot,Karim Bakthaoui,John Tanner,Henry-Edward Wood,Lucien Clarke,Rory Milanes,Chewy Cannon,Eugene Ochieng,Steph Morgan,JIN Shimizu,Charles Lanceplaine,Miloozi,Ray Maldonado,Timmy MC Meel,Johnny Tang, Jeremy Hu,Didi Liu,Boss Xie, Nasme .

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