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Habitat Skateboards x Leon Karrsen - Team Deck - 8.375"


Product Description

Habitat Skateboards x Leon Karrsen - Team Deck - 8.375"
(Exclusive to Parlour Skate Store in the United Kingdom)

The guy:
Leon Karrsen is a 19 year old illustrator from Holland. He loves rice flour vanilla baby porridge in the morning and he hates longboarders all day.

The Company:
In late 2012 Steve Durante jumped ship to help launch the emerging Politic Brand, then earlier that year Habitat Skateboards suffered another major blow as longtime team rider and one third ‘Team Handsome’ Austyn Gillette parted ways with the company to join Brian Anderson’s 3D project. Regardless of their recent losses, Habitat skateboards soldier on with their mission to bring East Coast skating to the world, readily armed with their very distinct art and design based graphics which has won them over an army of dedicated followers since the company’s inception in 1999.
Newly crowned professional Mark Suciu has been the name on a lot of peoples lips across 2016, dropping back to back video parts on almost a weekly basis through January and February 2014! Even finding time to visit these shores during the summer months for an exploration of London’s rugged terrain with a strong gaggle of locals. Elsewhere, Stefan Janoski, Daryl Angel, Silas Baxter-Neal, Danny Garcia, Kerry Getz, Fred Gall, Guru Khalsa , Tim O’Connor, Marius Sylvanen, Alex Davis and Brian Delatorre can all be found handling business in the Habitat name as they continue to appear on webclips and video projects as frequently as ever.

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