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Habitat Austyn Gillette P2 Extinction Deck - 8.0"


Product Description

Habitat Austyn Gillette P2 Extinction Deck - 8.0"

The Deck:
Throughout the history of evolution five great catastrophes have affected the Earth's surface. After them, life had to re-organize itself as of the surviving species. Today, 27.000 species disappear each year, a figure equal or higher than the one which devastated the Earth during the previous extinction processes. Are we facing the Sixth Extinction?

After several years of development, P2 (Pro-2) construction has been created as the next level in skateboard decks. P2 technology includes an oval-shaped [Kevlar] fiber reinforced maple veneer, which enhances the natural performance and pop of its supporting six, thin veneers of maple. The oval shape is designed to spread stresses and loads throughout the entire deck, versus around only the areas closest to the trucks. The P2 construction provides exceptional added resilience to the deck creating a ‘’Spring Loaded Pop’’ effect. P2 decks are thinner and lighter than old fashioned 7-ply wood skateboards. The Kevlar fiber used to make P2 decks is expensive stuff, but ‘’Spring Loaded Pop’’ is priceless.

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