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Grey Skateboard Magazine - Logo T-Shirt - Black


Product Description

Grey Skateboard Magazine - Logo T-Shirt - Black
Support the zine - buy the garms.

The T-Shirt:
* Front Grey Logo in white.
* Regular fit -Shirt.
* 100% cotton.
* Free current issue of Grey Magazine included with every online purchase.

The Company:
Grey Skateboard Magazine is a free skateboard publication documenting London, United Kingdom and further a field skateboarding that is released quarterly.

Although the name appears to suggest content of flat nature the magazine merely provides a neutral platform for the subjects themselves to create colour through their
methods, ability and natures. Two years in and Grey has had numerous levels of skateboarders add gloss to it's pages including: Pontus Alv, Ishod Wair, Mark Gonzales, Nick Jensen, Ed Templeton, Benny Fairfax, Tom Knox and more. The Grey medium extends further than just snaps and editorial with a series of video productions highlighting burgeoning talents from within the British skateboard scene including:
Jeremy Jones http://www.greyskatemag.com/2014/03/jeremy-jones-grey-video-part/
Jak Pietryga http://www.greyskatemag.com/2014/10/jak-pietryga-grey-video-part/
Joe Gavin http://www.greyskatemag.com/2014/04/joe-gavin-grey-video-part/
Jethro Coldwell http://www.greyskatemag.com/2014/12/jethro-coldwell-grey-video-part/

In an age of failing print publication the creative prowess of magazines like Grey reaffirm that fact that there is still much room to be explored in the realm of the zine.

Check in on the happenings here: http://www.greyskatemag.com/

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