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DGK - Faded TX Deck - 7.9"


Product Description

DGK - Faded TX Deck - 7.9"

The company:
Started by Stevie Williams in 2002, DGK is a tribute his humble roots. The acronym which stands for Dirty Ghetto Kids was what other skaters at Philadelphia's Love Park called Stevie and his crew because they were from the wrong side of the tracks. They took the name and branded themselves with it, not knowing that one day Stevie would turn it into a global line available everywhere from the most core skate shops to the most elite boutiques. It represents turning a negative into a positive and making something out of nothing against all odds. DGK's graphics and apparel make bold statements which differentiates the brand from everything else out there, which is why it's developed a cult following both in and out of skateboarding.
Company Overview
Dirty Ghetto Kids are:

Stevie Williams
Marcus McBride
Jack Curtin
Rodrigo TX
Josh Kalis
Wade Desarmo
Lenny Rivas
Keelan Dadd
Marquise Henry
Derrick Wilson
Dane Vaughn

Please note!!! all decks purchased online come with FREE grip, if you do not want us to apply the grip for you before shipping please advise us of this at time of purchase.

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