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Chocolate - Zombie Flip Up T-shirt - Black

Regular Price: £21.95

Special Price: £16.95

Product Description

Chocolate - Zombie Flip Up T-shirt - Black
Flip this tee over your head and boom a brand new zombie face just for you. Rad design and uniqueness.

The T-shirt:
100% Authentic Original
Super Easy Size Guarantee

The company:
Chocolate Skateboards was founded in 1994, The Girl Distribution Company is a skateboarding distribution company based in Torrance, California, which houses several companies including Girl Skateboards, Chocolate Skateboards, Royal Skateboard Trucks, and Fourstar Clothing.

The company has evolved into a distribution company that distributes skate goods, and makes shirts, hats, skateboard wheels, hoodies, trousers, bearings, belts, wallets, skateboarding films and many other accessories. Their logo is similar to the symbol on women's bathrooms.

Although the companies under the Girl Distribution Company appear as separate teams, the companies appear in each other's videos, (e.g. Chocolate Skateboards in Yeah Right!), riders have been seen using other companies' boards, and teams often tour together or fourstar.

Eric Koston
Vincent Alvarez
Kenny Anderson
Chico Brenes
Devine Calloway
Daniel Castillo
Justin Eldridge
Jesus Fernandez
Gino Iannucci
Marc Johnson
Anthony Pappalardo
Chris Roberts
Mike Mo Capaldi
Sean Malto

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