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Chocolate - Chunk Sweatpants - Black


Product Description

Chocolate - Chunk Sweatpants - Black
In celebration of Chocolate Skateboard 20 year anniversary.

The Sweatpants:
Chocolate Chunk black sweatpants. Special Edition fleece sweatpants. 80/20 cotton/poly fleece featuring a screen print at the leg.
Black Mineral Wash.

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The company:
presumably the inflated chocolate line up has been recuperating from the DVD release of Pretty Sweet in late 2012, which saw Chico Brenes, Daniel Castillo, Gino Iannucci, Kenny Anderson, Justin Eldridge, Jesus Fernandez, Mark Johnson, Chris Roberts, Vincent Alvarez, Elijah Berle, Stevie Perez and Raven Tershy partner up with the equally prestigious Girl Crew for a one hour and twenty minute visual bombardment of ridiculous skateboarding.
Well, I say ‘recuperating’ but seeing how the four part video from the joint Girl/Chocolate ‘Pretty Sweet 2013 Summer Tour’ just dropped on the Thrasher website, it looks like the last thing these guys have been doing is chilling .

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