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Belly Of The Beast - A film By Allen Danze


Product Description

Belly Of The Beast - A film By Allen Danze
A 2014 release, exclusively available at Parlour skate Store

With the recent attention of Bobby Worrest's new home turf killer section bringing all new light on Washington Dc's terrain and much able skaters Allen Danze/murder dc release is well timed. The "Scene" vid focuses on skateboarding in pior mentioned city as well as baltimore maryland. With a bill that reads like a dream: Daniel Kim, Thomas Bloomer, Sean Driscoll, Shaun Gregoire, Jason Spivey, Zach Dykes, James Munk, James Anderson, Zach Lyons, Colin Ransom, Justin Damer, and George Hanuschak and many friends.

Peep the trailer here: http://www.parlourskatestore.co.uk/blog/2014/03/23/belly-of-the-beast-dvd-by-allen-danze/

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