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Baker - Bake Junt - Green Deck - 8.25"


Product Description

Baker - Reset - Purple/Green/Grey Deck - 8.6"
Baker - Bake Junt - Green Deck - 8.25"

The Company:
n 1999, Andrew Reynolds left Birdhouse Skateboards and started Baker Skateboards along with other professional skateboarders from Stereo, Zero, and other companies. Reynolds provided a detailed account of the company's beginnings:

Well, I was living in Huntington, riding for Birdhouse. We just thought to ourselves, all these companies are really lame. Like, Birdhouse doesn't promote piles, you know what I mean? Like, Zero's [skateboard deck brand] not promoting, like, what we're all about. You know, we met up with Jay Strickland, we started telling him about our ideas, like, "We wanna do something. We wanna do a company." And we're, like, "All of us, together.", you know? It was just, like, a big mess, you know? I went and talked to Tony [Hawk] and Per [Welinder]—"It's either, I quit, and take a bunch of guys and do something, or, you guys help me start a company, you know?"

Please note!!! all decks purchased online come with FREE grip, if you do not want us to apply the grip for you before shipping please advise us of this at time of purchase.

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