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Adidas - Adi-Ease ADV - Black/White


Product Description

Adidas - Adi-Ease ADV - Black/White

The Adidas Adv Shoe is one of Adidas' classic, staple shoes subtly updated to increase it's performance and relevance. It is low profile while having a grippy and durable vulcanised outsole for traction and wear resistance.

• Classic Adi-Ease subtly updated.

• Vulcanised construction.

• Great traction and durabilty.

• Low profile.

The company:
Adidas have a long standing history within the sports industry but they also have a relatively long-standing history within the skateboarding industry, their contemporary path has been received from the skateboard community in and around Europe as unique and well executed, their skate team, comprising of: Mark Suciu, Benny Fairfax, Silas Baxter-Neil, Lucas Puig, Peter Eldridge, Nestor Judkins, Jake Donnely, Lem Villemin, Chewy Cannon, Raul Navvaro, Rodrigo Tx, Kevin Lowry, Dennis Durrant, Petr Hovart and the man himself, Mark Gonzales. the team harness's a a clean, raw, powerful and is possibly one of the best teams ever to exist within skateboarding.

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