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8:05 - DVD


Product Description

8:05 - DVD
Some fresh Japanese produce from Yuzo Kudo and crew.

42 page B/W photo book with silver foil embossed cover which also houses the DVD, 5 postcards, a sticker, and a bookmark.

The project centres around the discovery of an abandoned building in Tokyo, within which all the clocks had stopped at 8.05. 8.05 minute DVD featuring the skating of Yuzo Kudo, Katsumi Minami, Rich Adler, Jiro Kaneko, John Lindsey, Haruka Katagata, Kenshiro Yagi, Laurence Keefe, Hiroki Muraoka, and Yuichi Ohara. Filmed by Yoji Mizusawa, Toriotoko, and Katsumi Minami, who also edited the DVD.

The book features photos from Iseki, Wadapp, Shinsaku Arakawa, Yuichi Ohara, and Marimo.

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